Two Books that Give Hope This Holiday Season

by on December 18, 2009

Beyond Chron Editor Randy Shaw has written two inspiring books that would make excellent gifts for your favorite activists this holiday season. Shaw’s The Activist Handbook provides a nuts and bolts guide to strategic organizing for change, and offers a history of San Francisco politics in the 1980’s and 90’s, the rise of the tenants rights movement, and the grassroots struggles that forged the modern Uptown Tenderloin. Howard Zinn describes The Activist’s Handbook as “Enormously valuable for anyone interested in social change.” Shaw’s widely praised recent book, Beyond the Fields: Cesar Chavez, the UFW and the Struggle for Justice in the 21st Century, shows the power of activism in a spectrum of movements from the 1960’s to the present, as epitomized by those who once volunteered for the movement that spawned Barack Obama’s campaign theme, Yes We Can. Beyond the Fields is a perfect prescription for those looking for hope in these tough times.

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