“Troy”, A Film Review by “BB”

by on May 18, 2004

While watching “Troy”, the new movie/historical drama, I couldn’t help thinking to our current war situation. As the movie is set before the Christian era, in theory, one would like to think that since then the human mindset has evolved. Unfortunately, the reality is that human imperial rulers are just as arrogant and ignorant now, as they were then.

TheTrojan War, which Homer recounts as a war based on a love triangle, has been documented by other sources as a war over commerce. Our current war in Iraq, which our government attributes to Weapons of Mass Destruction on the part of past ruler Saddam Hussein, seems to be fought for reasons unknown to the general public.

Another coincidence between the two wars is how family honor is invoked. King Agamemnon uses the guise of family honor to incite war on the Trojans, while President G. W. is continuing to provoke war on the region that cost his father a re-election.

As it stands, human evolution is questionable at best. Then, during the Trojan War, a demi-god named Achilles makes the statement that
“War is old men talking and young men dying”.

Fast forward to the present, and all we see on the media is young men dying and middle-aged men pondering the progress of a war that has no immediate end in sight.

The spoils of war haven’t changed a bit, since the span of thousands of years. Local townswomen are still taken as hostages to this day, as was evidenced in the movie “Troy”, as is torturing the prisoners of war, as was evidenced by the general public regarding the treatment of Iraqi prisoners.

The reasons an empire goes to war haven’t changed either. If in fact, the Trojan War was fought over commerce, in other words greed and monopoly over a region, then our civilization has gone to war for the exact same reason.

A victory in Iraq would help thepost-modern U.S empire secure more oil and power for the upper echelons, which is a motivating factor in sacrificing its young warriors.

What “Troy” has showni n the span of 167 minutes can be evidenced in our reality as citizens of the U.S. in the present. The real cost of war takes a toll on the living, no matter which country their allegiance is to, and that the only people who profit from war are the winning emperor and his cronies.

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