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by on September 29, 2015

Subject: San Francisco activism

Is the current activism we are seeing because of more citizen involvement or desperation?  I know  housing activists and the nudists have been beaten up pretty badly by City policies over the past few years.  Who would have ever thought that Kink would go upstream mainstream? . . .  I now go to Oakland several times a week for the kind of cool art parties that one never had to leave SF for.  I know the same thing is happening on the Manhattan to Brooklyn axis.

I don’t know if things will change.  I’m finding  that although a lot of techie/professionals are sympathetic to “progressive” positions, they are not at all engaged in the City.  Just the projects they are working on and a few minutes to their own life.  . . . A lot of them are looking at the economy and  their job/project as temporary and it’s really too expensive to be here in the long term.  Not exactly an unrealistic assessment.

For me and many of my friends, we are not housing challenged, but my brother, a retired professor with $4000/month passive income, cannot afford to come back here.   You’ll have to take my word, but my brother is wittier and cooler than almost any techie.  Is SF getting enriched by the new migration?


George Davis

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