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by on August 23, 2015

Walking through the Civic Center area, I noticed that, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, there were lots of trucks parked outside.  I also saw numerous private security guards, as well as many uniformed San Francisco Police officers, some sitting on their SFPD motorcycles, others near their parked cars.
I initially thought that this entourage of police and security guards was for a movie filming project.
I hear that it would be for a 3-days truck unloading job at the Auditorium, and that Apple will hold an event there to introduce a new product.
I have a question: Who pays for the costs to staff the SFPD officers and for the SFPD vehicles that are used at this venue?  The private company organizing the event, or San Francisco tax payers?
SFPD uniformed officers are also used at clothing stores (Ross) and banks (Bank of America), SFPD cars always parked right outside the job site.  Could such valuable resources of the SFPD, both the officers and the SFPD vehicles, be utilized for community policing work that is sorely needed throughout our City?
Anh Le

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