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by on February 28, 2014

Quick! Name the American Presidency with the most liberal legislation and activism in the Twentieth Century or Twenty-First for that matter.Answer: Richard Nixon’s Not that I am a fan of the guy. For what he did in Vietnam and Chile, we need to dig him up to make sure he is still dead.However, Nixon served at the height of American Liberalism, with Democratic Majorities lead by Patrick Moynihan. On the race front, Affirmative action programs were expanded and through Southern Leadership Councils, which gave us Jimmy (who?) Carter, the schools in the South were desegragated. Under his administration, the Clean Water Act was passed, Title IX, expansion of the Food Stamp program and the almost total elimination of starvation in America. He almost got single payer through, but the current health care system was still somewhat affordable and functional, i.e. Rich can take care of themselves, health insurance employer and private, and medicare/medicate for everyone else. Plus, under whose adminstration previously could a movie like “Blazing Saddles” be made?

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