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by on July 30, 2015

Re: Blame Realtors For SF’s Housing Crisis

Radical progressives can never take any responsibility for the housing crisis they themselves created and love to finger point and be in denial about the real tried and true solutions to affordable housing. Create an oversupply of affordable apartments and condos.

We already live in a City with the strongest tenant protections in the country. What are interesting radical progressives truly believe their own cup of Kool Aid of denial thinking that draconian evictions protections create affordable housing.

New units with cheap rents will just spring up all over SF like magical unicorns and rainbows.

SF has been following this failed policy lead by the Tenants Union for 40 years and here we are in the middle of a housing crisis with the highest rents in the country. The Tenants Union housing public policy and sunshine ordinance is a HUGE FAIL to the Generation X’rs and Gen Y.

We are sadly disappointed by the Hippies turned Nimby’s



Donald J Dewsnup

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