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by on June 24, 2015

Subject: A Moratorium on SF Jobs?


Re Housing on West Side; i.e. Richmond District

San Francisco is a peninsula. It can only take so much growth.  If you believe job development, population growth, housing is a good thing go to, for example, San Antonio where the City is growing exponentially into the limitless landscape.

It appears you are an East (San Francisco) side type of guy.

I’m told the area of west of Masonic has been described as “the country.”

If by more housing on the west side you mean what came to be described as “Richmond specials.”  No way.

These are ugly three and four story buildings which totally destroy the ambiance of the neighborhood.

I know full well as I have twice had these monstrosities built next to my home.

These structures block the sunlight. Remember 1986 Proposition M?  I am sure you do.

In addition these buildings bring more congestion to the neighborhood in the form of cars cars cars.

I hope the District One Supervisor, currently Eric Mar, and whomever replaces him in 2017 takes a hard stand against this type of neighborhood development.

I agree that San Francisco is not the City of Herb Caen, Willie May and the Grateful Dead circa 1965 but there must be limits.


Lee Heidhues

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