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by on February 14, 2018

Subject: All-Star Field in East Bay D15 Assembly Race

Hello Mr. Shaw,

Your article on the D15 Assembly candidates did not reach your stated goal of “An Alternative Voice for the City.” And it failed to provide “a resource for progressives to access information, countered mainstream media distortions, and built support for progressive campaigns.”

For a pubication claiming to be progressive, the candidacy of Ms. Jovanka Bekles was really down played. Yes, the article mentions that she’s part of the “politically strong Richmond Progressive Alliance,” but no mention that she won the endorsement of the Berkeley Progressive Aliance, Berkeley’s Citizen Action and the Berkeley Tenants Union. Yet, the article touts  Ms. Buffy Wicks as a ’top” candidate because she has amassed a war chest; the majority of donations coming from people outside the AD 15.

The article misinformed readers about Mr. Andy Katz sexual identity (btw, I’m not outing him) he is in fact a proud member of the LGBTQ community.  I wonder how you could come to such a conclusión.

Also, the analysis of Costa-Hawkins was illinformed at best, as it’s a law that litterally keeps the landlord/tenant rental industry deregulated and is the root cause for the lack of affordable housing and sky rocketing rents. Although it may be in San Francisco, in AD 15, the Ellis Act is not the main issue regarding rental housing.

That’s the problem with blogs, there’s never a good editor to fact check.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Paola Laverde

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