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by on February 9, 2018

Subject: SF Puts the Safety of Gentrified Neighborhoods First

I wholeheartedly agree with this article!  Car breakin’s are rich people problems!  I’ve had my car broken into at least 15 times in the last few years and vandalized twice.  But what’s really a shame is to see the public health nightmare on the streets here daily.  Walking my son home from school today allowed us to witness someone OD’ing on the ground while friends were trying to revive them.  Glad my three year old got to see that :(.

Of course barely anyone seems to care about the level of destruction happening on every level in the TL.  I find this disturbing because I’m becoming one of those people.  I watch people robbing, stealing, shitting, pissing, vomiting, assaulting, fighting, selling their bodies, selling every drug, dying and suffering sooo much.  I walk by and observe and sometimes I say: “please don’t” but most of the time I just walk because I’m scared.

I did notice police presence yesterday, for some strange reason, they were out doing their jobs cause someone important is/was in town.  I say we sue the city for not representing our community (district 6).  I hear the largest population of children that live in SF are in the TL.  So if that’s true then what’s the city gonna do to show up for the next generation?!? No really, what are they gonna do?

End rant!

Olivia Lizotte

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