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by on May 31, 2017

Subject: “Remember Memorial Day by Waging Peace.”

I read with interest Anh Lê’s “Remember Memorial Day by Waging Peace.”  While on our annual trip to New York City, we saw “Present Laughter” by Sir Noël Coward.  In the “Playbill” was the following apropos quote by Coward,
“Then with sudden desolation, I knew that the destiny of the human race was shaped by neither politicians nor dictators, but by its own inadequacy, superstition, avarice, envy, cruelty, and silliness, and that it had no right whatever to demand and expect peace on earth until it had proved itself to be deserving of it.”

Which begs the question, are we as yet deserving of peach on earth?


Judi Iranyi

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