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by on March 31, 2017

Subject: RE “Saving Obamacare, Pelosi Earns Support In 2018”


RE “Saving Obamacare, Pelosi Earns Support in 2018” By Randy Shaw (BeyondChron, March 28, 2017):

I, too, applaud Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi for her outstanding leadership, and her solid commitment and dedication to serving the American people.

Congresswoman Pelosi was instrumental in helping President Barack Obama enact the Affordable Care Act.  Congresswoman Pelosi’s leadership defeated Trump’s and Ryan’s efforts to decimate the Affordable Care Act.

With her experience and skills, Congresswoman Pelosi delivered the knockout punch to Trump and Ryan.  Ryan and Trump were dazed by it.  Their inexperience and naivety was no match for Congresswoman Pelosi’s long legislative experience and record, and her astuteness.  Congresswoman rendered both Trump and Ryan impotent.

I remember attending a presentation by Congresswoman Pelosi in San Francisco, when my son Minh Jeffrey was in elementary school.  At that time, Congresswoman Pelosi led the effort to stop George W. Bush’s scheme to privatize Social Security and turn it over to the greedy corporations of Wall Street.  Congresswoman Pelosi autographed a pen and gave it to Minh Jeffrey.  Congresswoman Pelosi’s leadership was essential and effective then, just as her leadership is critical now more than ever.

Trump’s and Ryan’s efforts to eliminate President Obama’s legislative legacy, the Affordable Care Act, failed because both Trump and Ryan are self serving and out of touch with the American people.  In their ambition to eradicate President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, they tried to ram their poorly thought out and poorly designed proposal down the American people’s throat.  The American people saw that.  Even Republican elected officials who don’t march blindly to Trump’s order saw that the ACA should not be repealed.

The Affordable Care Act is the first time that decent health insurance coverage is available to Americans.  In their efforts to mindlessly dismantle and decimate the Affordable Care Act, Trump, Ryan and Republicans who support them show their arrogance to the American people.  Before repealing and replacing the ACA, let them guarantee to the American people the same royal health care that Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen receive.

I was not surprised at all that Trump’s and Ryan’s efforts were defeated even before any vote.  Paradoxically, I was also not surprised at all by the presidential electoral college results last November.  In both instances, we see individuals out of touch with ordinary Americans, drunk with their self serving arrogance and overconfidence.


San Francisco, CA

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