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by on March 31, 2017

Subject: You’re Part Wrong About Pelosi

Dear Randy,

I can only partially agree with your article, “Saving Obamacare, Pelosi Earns Support in 2018.”  Yes, Nancy Pelosi deserves credit for making sure that no Democrats cut deals with Trump.  But at least as important in keeping Democrats in line is the fact that Democratic Members of Congress, and not just Republicans, were flooded with calls and emails in support of Obamacare and faced huge crowds  of constituents at townhall meetings who were vocal in support of the law.  There is no way of knowing which was more important in maintaining unanimous Democratic opposition to Ryan-Trumpcare.  But it is insulting to those hundreds of thousands of constituents to not even mention them.

I am surprised that  somebody who wrote a book titled “Activists Handbook” forgot to mention the activists.


Chris Darling

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