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by on January 26, 2017

Subject: Turning the Marches Into a Movement

MoveOn organized local community meetings across the country to discuss how to resist the new liar-in-chief before the Women’s March and then organized #Resist Tuesdays, starting 1/24.

Several hosts of community meetings in the Bay Area combined for a rally at Senator Feinstein’s office at noon on 1/24 calling for her to do everything she possibly can to block the Swamp Cabinet. (I was a co-host.) More than 350 people signed up for the event, and more than 300 came. We did chants, heard short speeches and performances, and collected letters and petitions (saying block the cabinet nominees) to deliver to her office. Some press came (sorry, I don’t know which ones, but Rachel Maddow showed pictures of us among others around the country on 1/24), and Feinstein’s local rep Sean Elsbernd came down and spoke to the crowd. MoveOn is partnering with Indivisible and the Working Families Party to have Resist Tuesdays across the country at least for the first 100 days.

My local political club, the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, is circulating a Fight Back Platform for California to other political and social action groups to adopt and plan unified actions to promote. Our monthly meetings have quadrupled in size since 11/8. The Democratic Socialists of America’s meetings have done the same.

So take heart, the movement is happening. I’ve never seen so much eagerness to resist and protest by veteran activists and newbies alike, and I’ve been an activist since the 1950s. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the predator-in-chief was the one who finally brought about a progressive political revolution!

Zipporah W. Collins

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