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by on July 27, 2016

Subject: Media Exaggerates Democratic Disunity

I will still vote for Hillary Clinton no matter what happens the rest of the convention or after.  I figure a vote for a third-party candidate or not voting at all is really a vote for Trump. By voting for Clinton, I am really voting for the democratic platform, which is not perfect, but is, thanks to Sanders, the most progressive Democratic Party platform in history.  True, if Clinton wins, she is not beholden to follow it.  But then again, there will be a lot of pressure for her to adopt some or all of it.

I will vote for Clinton because I cannot imagine a president Trump representing me at home and abroad.  I recoil at the thought.  In my opinion, whatever Sanders movement achieved would not survive over a four- or eight-year Trump presidency.  To me, even the status quo would be better than a Trump presidency, which would send the country backward to a time when discrimination and hate were not only accepted but celebrated.

In short, my choice is simple:  I am a sure Clinton vote.

Ralph E. Stone

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