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by on August 30, 2004

Dear Randy,

SF5Together will have sponsored two forums this year. The first, in July, was co-sponsored with the D5 Candidates Collaborative and was inclusive of all District 5 supervisoral candidates. Twenty three of the twenty-nine then filed attended along with about 150 of the public.

Our second forum on September 1st will be a debate among seven of the twenty-two District 5 candidates. Eligibility for panel selection required the candidates to have returned SF5Together’s questionnaire in a timely manner. Our initial deadline was August 9. On August 8th we issued a reminder, extended the deadline 3 days and stated clearly that due to the imminent date of the debate August 12th was a firm deadline to be considered for inclusion on the panel. During the forum committee’s selection meeting on August 13th we checked email continuously for any stragglers. Only 4 of the 22 candidates had not returned their paperwork, another had returned it but it was illegible and we were waiting for a legible email. Bill Barnes and Dan Kalb, while respected candidates well-known and regarded by many SF5Together members, simply did not return their paperwork in time.

Beyond timely return of the questionnaire, we asked for a pledge to work with us as a neighborhood coalition if elected supervisor. Faced with 22 candidates and the task of selecting seven for a debate, we stayed true to our own mission as an organization and chose a history of neighborhood involvement and/or top endorsements as our criteria. With the criteria determined and defined, we then began review of the questionnaires.

We are pleased that we will provide a venue for a slate of diverse candidates * only one of whom we as an organization knew prior to the launching of this campaign season. Others, who some members do know, like and actively support as candidates, have not been invited to participate on the panel because we did stay true to our selection criteria and objectivity as an organization. The panel consists of Lisa Feldstein, Emmett Gilman, Robert Haaland, Ross Mirkarimi, Michael O’Connor, Jim Siegel and Tys Sniffen.

Cheryl Brodie, President SF5Together

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