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by on November 30, 2009

To the Editor:

You criticize Newsom for the 46% increase in the Police Department’s budget, and note that most of the money went to pay hikes for police officers of up to 24% under the contract approved by Newsom in 2007.

Yet, didn’t the Board of Supervisors approve the same contract? I’m not a Newsom fan, but shouldn’t you be consistent?

Compensation for public safety officers has been way out of line for years, even before Chief Heather Fong retired at age 53 with a $235,000 annual retirement benefit. Can you name a single elected official who stood up to the Police Officers Association when the pay raises were voted through in 2007, or any who had crossed the POA at any other time over the excessive compensation of its members?

Colin V. Gallagher

To the Editor:

A very interesting piece. The original Market Street Subway design was wrought with flaws that prevented future extension to work effectively with its design.

No doubt that extending the line through North Beach and points north is critical before a single spade of dirt is turned. The only way this line will break even if there is a station at Washington Square and surface to either the wharf or to Van Ness/North Point.

Geary needs BART to move its high number of riders. There have been numerous propositions to run a BART line up Geary and down 19th Ave. to join up with the rest of the line at Daly City. I support this project. It takes FOREVER to get from the west side of the city to downtown. Buses and LRVs crawl along 19th Ave., Judah, Taraval, etc. A BART line would connect with all these light-rail lines providing faster service along points north and east.

Mark De George
San Francisco

To the Editor:

The SEIU is getting exactly what it deserves, and I hope they fail. They are a corrupt organization and should be brought to its knees.

Jane Lauhon

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