Serial Evictor-Tech CEO Targets Catastrophically- Ill 81 Year Old With Sham Owner-Relative Eviction

by Raquel Fox on April 4, 2016

In December 2014, Tariq Hilaly, a Harvard Business School graduate and CEO of Lumity, Inc., his wife, and his parents purchased two large buildings located on one lot in Noe Valley. Tariq Hilaly and his family paid a mere $1,500,000, an amount far below market value. The selling price reflected the low rents and the two sets of protected status tenants residing in 1642-1644 Church Street. Soon after purchasing the property, Tariq Hilaly and his wife evicted the tenants residing in 208 Valley Street and the protected tenants (senior and disabled) from 1644 Church Street.

On March 17, 2016, several months after evicting the other two households, serial evictor Tariq Hilaly watched Beatriz Allen, a catastrophically ill 81 year-old taken away by ambulance from her home located at 1642 Church Street. One week later, on March 24, 2106, Tariq Hilaly and his wife served Beatriz and her daughter, Betty Rose Allen, with a 60-day notice to vacate their home of 38 years based on “alleged” owner-relative move-in.

Beatriz’s story is emblematic of how unchecked greed is tearing apart San Francisco neighborhoods. It has a terribly negative impact on tenants, especially frail elders, like Beatriz and her former neighbors, Pam and Larry Gutierrez, who resided in 1644 Church Street for 34 years.

Part of the Noe Valley Fabric

For thirty-eight (38) years, Beatriz and Betty Rose have lived at 1642 Church Street, the upper flat in the two-unit building located at the corner of Church Street and Valley Street. For decades, three generations of the San Francisco based Munger family, the prior owners of 1642-1644 Church/208 Valley Street, enjoyed amicable landlord-tenant relationships with Beatriz and Betty.  In direct contrast to the Munger family, the current owners, Tariq Hilaly and his wife, do not enjoy an amicable relationship with Beatriz and Betty, and recently embarked in sham owner relative eviction to throw out Beatriz and Betty from their home of almost four decades.

Prior to having three strokes, which left Beatriz’s paralyzed (entire left side of the body) and confined to a wheel chair, Beatriz poured her soul into caring for children in Noe Valley, happily working as a “house parent.”  For the bulk of twenty-five (25) years, Beatriz worked at Teresa Mahler Pre-School located at 22nd and Church Street, which serves low-income, single-parent families.

Beatriz and her late husband raised Betty Rose in Noe Valley.  Betty Rose attended Saint Paul’s Catholic, primary, elementary and high schools.  Beatriz’s dedication to providing care for young children influenced Betty Rose to pursue a career as a teacher.  For years, Betty Rose taught at Saint Phillips Catholic School in Noe Valley. Currently, Betty Rose is a substitute pre-school teacher with the San Francisco Unified School District. She is also a caretaker for her mother, Beatriz.

Beatriz Needs Her Home

Beatriz has paralysis of her entire left side of her body as a result of three strokes. Beatriz also suffers from other health issues, including persistent anemia requiring occasional blood transfusions.  Her doctor, who practices at St. Luke’s Hospital, makes “home visits” to provide necessary and vital care to homebound Beatriz.  On March 17, 2016, her doctor during a “home visit” found Beatriz in need of an immediate blood transfusion.  For this reason, Beatriz was taken by ambulance to the hospital on March 17, 2016.  Sadly, a recent abdominal CT scan showed a large irregular mass in Beatriz’s kidney. Her doctor suspects cancer.  Beatriz’s doctor’ medical opinion is that Beatriz is “catastrophically ill and a move from her current home situation could be extremely detrimental to her heath.”

In addition to being geographically close to St. Luke’s’ hospital, Beatriz’s home is disabled accessible. Beatriz and her daughter Betty Rose spent their own money to install disability accessibility features throughout their home.  These features include handrails along the walls and the 32-step stairwell. They also purchased a special bed for Beatriz to facilitate ingress and egress.

Tariq Hilaly’s Prior Evictions

Less than a month after purchasing the Noe Valley Property, Tariq Hilaly and his wife initiated an Owner Move In eviction against the long-term tenants residing in 208 Valley Street, a single-family three bedroom home over a two-car garage. Betty Rose recalls that several tenants resided in 208 Valley Street for more than a decade.  After evicting the long-term tenants residing at 208 Valley Street, Tariq Hilaly carried out extensive remodeling and construction.  Thereafter, Tariq Hilaly, his wife, and his mother in law, Nahid Parveen, all moved in. They, including Nahid Parveen, continue living in 208 Valley Street since 2015.  Nahid Parveen is the “alleged” owner relative listed in the notice of termination of tenancy served on Beatriz and Betty Rose.

In 2015, serial evictor Tariq Hilaly also evicted Pam and Larry Guiterrez from 1644 Church Street, their home of 34 years. Betty Rose commented that Pam Guiterrez is disabled and 1644 Church Street was also fitted with disability accessibility features similar to 1642 Church Street.  Betty Rose believes that Pam and Larry Guiterrez were pressured into an “under the table” buyout of their thirty-four year tenancies, whereby they  left in about early May 2015.  Betty Rose does not know the exact details, because the two seniors (Gutierrez) signed a non-disclosure agreement.  Since March 7, 2015 buy-out transactions have been regulated under the Rent Ordinance with strict notice, disclosure and filing requirements to protect participating tenants. Apparently, the Gutierrez transaction was under the radar, as there was no buyout notice or agreement filed with the San Francisco Rent Board.

Gutierrez’s former home, 1644 Church Street, Converted into High Tech Business Office

In his online profiles, Tariq Hilaly, a Harvard Business School graduate, is described as Co-Founder and CEO of Lumity, Inc. since 2013, with a history as a Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Motif Investing Inc. and Project Manager with Microsoft. Tariq Hilaly is also described as a former Vice President at Alliance Bernstein’s 1B hedge fund.  Betty Rose recalls that after Pam and Larry Guiterrez  moved out, there was a period of demolition and construction in the 1644 unit, which included removal of the kitchen. Soon, every window in 1644 Church Street had a computer monitor, and over time, a number of different young persons were busy working during the day. After several months, all of the windows were blacked-out with blinds. While there is limited activity in unit 1644 during the day, no one lives there and no one stays overnight.  There is no cooking, cleaning, or bathing taking place in 1644 Church Street.

Neighbors and Betty Rose believe and suspect that a high-tech business is operating out of the formerly residential unit (1644 Church Street). The displaced seniors, including a disabled senior, are rumored to live in a senior-citizen retirement home located in Santa Rosa.

The Serial Evictor’s Sham Eviction

The “alleged” qualified relative move-in is a sham and an attempt to circumvent the San Francisco Rent Ordinance’s protection of senior and disabled tenants. Tariq Hilaly’s lawyer first claimed that Tariq Hilaly no longer wanted to live with his mother in law and the mother-in-law [Nahid Parveen] needed to move into Beatriz and Betty Rose’s home of thirty-four years.  Later, Tariq Hilaly’s other lawyer claimed the mother in-law [Nahid Parveen] recently had fallen in her home and “she’s become ill and needs a place to live near her family.”  As stated earlier, the mother in law [Nahid Parveen] lives with her daughter and son-in-law Tariq Hilaly in 208 Valley Street since 2015.  Therefore, Tariq Hilaly’s mother in law (Nahid Parveen) who already lives with her daughter and son-in-law in 208 Valley Street, does not need to move to Beatriz and Betty’s home to be near her family.  Accordingly, the serial evictor Tariq Hilaly does not need to evict catastrophically ill Beatriz and Betty Rose so that his mother-in-law (Nahid Parveen) can live near her family.

Betty Rose commented that Tariq Hilaly’s mother-in-law, Nahid Parveen, regularly walks around without any assistance and without any cane or crutches.  Betty Rose points out that if Nahid Parveen truly had fallen and now had mobility limitations, serial evictor Tariq Hilaly, would not seek to move his mother-in-law out of 208 Valley Street into 1642 Church Street, which has about three-times as many stairs as 208 Valley Street.  As previously mentioned 1644 Church appears to be used as a tech business office.  Betty Rose suggests that if Tariq Hilaly is tired of living with his mother in law (Nahid Parveen) in 208 Valley Street, he could stop running a business out of 1644 Church Street and move her into that flat.

Raquel Fox is an attorney with the Tenderloin Housing Clinic who represents Beatriz and Betty Rose.

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