Rise and Fall of Leland Yee; November Ballot Arguments …

by on August 30, 2011

To the Editor:

The Asian community in San Francisco is very diverse; there are Vietnamese, Cambodians, Filipinos, East Indians, Laotians, and others. Interim Mayor Ed Lee cannot win by relying to Chinese voters only. But Senator Leland Yee has already cultivated his relationship with the other Asian ethnic groups and the progressives over the years. Randy forgets that Asians hate politicians who lie, and Ed Lee lied to the residents of San Francisco and the whole world. I heard people already campaigning, “Anybody but Ed Lee.”

Daz Lamparas
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I thought the article was interesting but as a Chinese American voter who lives in San Francisco, I take some issue with the statement that Leland Yee is a “default” candidate simply by virtue of the fact that he is Chinese. Just as I don’t/won’t vote along party lines (despite my declaration as a member of a party), I most assuredly won’t vote for a candidate based on a common ethnicity. The fact is, I wouldn’t vote for Yee even if Ed Lee weren’t running. I have other issues with Yee that have convinced me he’s not earned my vote. But I personally believe that most of Yee’s former “support” that is now in the Ed Lee camp is owed to Lee’s effectiveness as a “no-BS, just get it done” candidate. People are jaded and disillusioned by typical politicians and Leland Yee most certainly falls into that category.

Milo Chew
San Francisco

To the Editor:

This article’s lead says it will analyze the arguments for and against the competing proposals for municipal pension reform on San Francisco’s November ballot. Instead, it simply describes those arguments and the political forces behind them. Interesting, but where’s the analysis of the measures themselves? Should Proposition D be faulted for ignoring health insurance benefits, as its opponents claim? Does Proposition C, its broad support notwithstanding, actually save the City less money, given accompanying raises, as its opponents assert? I look to BeyondChron for something more than ping-pong political reportage (A said X, but B said Y). Maybe next time?

Zelda Bronstein
Berkeley, CA

To the Editor:

Neither Jeff Adachi nor Ed Lee is claiming their Propositions solve the pension crisis. Lee’s prop is about 10% of the savings he himself was needed to close the gaps. These pension funds assume 7.75% ROI from the stock market. It would take an infinite boom economy to sustain these pensions. I will probably hold my nose and vote for Adachi’s.

As for Prop B (the street bond), of course the city ignores street maintenance and the state of the streets reflects most of Ed Lee’s record starting when he managed the Department of Public Works. I will vote no.

Leslie Martin
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Thanks for your excellent analysis of a complicated set of measures.

Sandra Mack
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Cal senator is the author of the bill that gives public employees the right to spike their pensions so that pension payments are greater than their salary. Democrats and Republicans pay for the spiking of pension payments thanks to senator Mark DeSaulnier.

Milan Moravec
Walnut Creek, CA

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