Reclaim California’s Future to Kick Off Community-Labor Field Effort Targeting Infrequent Voters for Prop. 30

by Steve Hopcraft on September 27, 2012

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Reclaim California’s Future, a broad coalition of community groups, faith based organizations, educators, and unions (including those that sponsored the Millionaires Tax initiative) committed to restoring critical unding for schools and services will kick off its largest-ever community-labor field campaign to deliver 3 to 5% of the votes—approximately 250,000 ballots—needed to pass Prop. 30, the Schools and Local Public Safety Act of 2012. “Our coalition will reach hundreds of thousands of voters who can make the difference in the expected close election on Prop. 30, specifically young, African-American, Latino, and Asian American voters. Reaching these voters and enlisting them to pass Prop. 30 is the first step in getting California back on track to taking care of schools, families, and kids,” said California Federation of Teachers (CFT) President Josh Pechthalt. “These new and occasional voters are very responsive to Prop. 30 once they learn who is taxed (the wealthy) and what the tax is for (schools).” Each coalition group will announce its planned actions at a September 27 morning teleconference.

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