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by on October 31, 2007

To the Editor –

Instead of trying individuals for crimes against the quality of life, shouldn’t they be used for trying CEOs and public officials? In this way, major agencies, corporations, and institutions would be accountable. Perhaps, sentencing the guilty to stays in homeless shelters would be a wakeup call.

I’m sure that we can think of the names for community court trials in a New York second.

Herbert J. Weiner


I totally agree with Tommi Avicolli-Mecca’s article, “Kamala Harris Needs to Answer for ‘Quality of Life’” (Oct. 30, 2007). With the holiday shopping season (and the election) upon us, have the downtown business interests pressured the mayor’s office, the police department, and the District Attorney to sweep away the homeless, especially from the main shopping areas? I understand that representatives from the Department of Human Services and the downtown business interests recently traveled to Portland to see how that city handles homelessness. It seems that Portland uses a carrot and a big law enforcement stick to handle homelessness. Is San Francisco shifting to an even tougher law enforcement approach to homelessness?

It looks good in the newspapers, but when the homeless are cited for “quality-of-life crimes,” fined, and then warrants are issued when the fines are not paid, most will still have no where to sleep and most will still be homeless and poor. Shall we jail them? No, because the jails are too full. What then?

Judi Iranyi, LCSW
San Francisco

Dear Editor:

In response to Paul Hogarth’s October 29th story on Propositions A & H, why was it necessary for the “Yes on A/No on H” campaign to mail out a deliberately misleading mailer giving the impression that the Chronicle supported Measure A? This point was driven home today by the Chronicle in its editorial section.

When I received this mailer last week it was obvious that the “Yes on A/No on H” campaign was sending something out to people was at best misleading and at worst dishonest.

Can’t Proposition A win on its own merits without dishonest campaign tactics? If Willie Brown, Newsom or the so-called “downtown interests” had done something similar I would speculate that Beyond Chron would be all over it. Will Beyond Chron, the Guardian or some “progressive” blogger point out this misleading and hypocritical tactic? Well, I’m not holding my breath.

Mr. E.F. Sullivan
San Francisco

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