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by on July 31, 2007

To the Editor —

The only reason that Hillary Clinton is higher in the polls is because she purchased the news media. Look at CNN youtube debate, hillarys team went over all the videos prior to the debate to make sure Hillary didn’t get the wrong questions. Hillary would be disaster for this country, she has no desire to be president, she just wants to go down in history as “the woman that broke the glass ceiling! Should she get elected (which I doubt very much as her mouth and feisty attitude will bury her) the public will get exactly what they deserve……..disaster! She is a bit– from the get go.

Frank Hoffman

Dear Mr. Shaw,

I read your “The United States Under President Hillary Clinton” article at first with much interest and then later with a big smile. I have no idea who you are and what your political affiliations are but I can say I really enjoyed the pipe dream you so cleverly weaved. A most excellent piece regardless of one’s political leanings

I think if Mrs. Clinton does become the Democrat nominee it will be a blood bath, for the democrats; she will indeed be fortunate to garner 35 – 40- million votes, let alone win the Presidency. A Billary Presidency is a pipe dream at best as she is perhaps the most divisive Democrat candidate in the race; do you really believe that the American people would vote for another Clinton for the White House? She is the equivalent of a Jeb Bush run at the Presidency.

My prediction for the 08 elections is that the Republicans will retain their hold on the Senate, remember, the GOP has a 49 – 48 majority in the Senate so Dirty Harry cannot get his agenda through, and they will win back the House due to the War on Terror issue, and ultimately they will also win the White House.

Again, I enjoyed your article and your perspective.


Ted Isabella

Randy, Randy, boy are you all wrong about Hillary as President. You haven’t seen anything yet if she wins. Remember she is going to take from us for the common good. Sounds like pure communism to me.

All I can say is GOD help us if she gets elected.

L. Graham
West Palm Beach, FL

P.S. Go, Duncan Hunter!!!!!!!

To the Editor —

Good prognosis. Yet you fail to emphasize she and her husband’s finest attributes: intelligence! They are smarter than the Bush-Cheneyites and will govern much better. “Hatred” of Hillary will not sell as well as you claim beyond die-hard conservatives, for she is no longer “that feared Liberal,” but much wiser now. She will govern from the center, as she has as a senator, and wisely so. She, with Bill’s help, will become one of our best presidents.

Bill helps recruit the finest talents and not insulate himself from them. G.W. has been and continues to be one of our worst presidents, – overly stubborn, ineffective, too ideological, too pandering to his financial backers, – as if he’s the president of some of the people, but not all of the people, – much too divisive. Judge Hillary on her senatorial performance, – a truer indicator of her governing style and ideology than as First Lady. Let smarts, experience, and wisdom, govern. This is truly a wonderful opportunity for our Nation. There are many lessons to learn from the Bush-Cheney-Katrina-Iraq-Gonzales fiasco.

Edwards is a more polarizing figure than Hillary. Obama may become our vice-president, – what a breath of fresh air for younger (more hopeful) people! National service for younger people will expand, – spirits will be raised. We will also return to better fiscal responsibility, – not so much federal money being paid out to private contractors run amok. Oh yes, Alberto Gonzales will no longer be our chief law enforcement officer, – so we’ll start employing our Constitution and even-handed prosecutorial heritage again!

What is most tragic about the Bush-Cheney regime is the legacy it leaves in our Supreme Court, – it is now 5-4 conservative and will stay that way for many years to come because those 5 are not oldsters. They defer to governmental power over minority & civil rights, further eroding the Warren Court’s decisions, – a further very good reason to keep a Democrat in the White House so they don’t become “6-3.” The purpose of our courts is to protect the powerless from the abuses/excesses of the powerful. Fortunately, Justice Kennedy understands that and will defer to government power only so far, – focusing on results more so than his other conservative (more ideological) brethren. He is and will become a most important/pivotal vote for many years.

Pete Wittlin, Esq.
Irvine, CA

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