Paul Krugman Has Never Liked Obama

by Paul Hogarth on March 30, 2009

New York Times liberal columnist Paul Krugman is getting lots of attention for his hard-hitting critiques on Barack Obama’s economic policies. Hipsters have cut music videos on YouTube pleading the White House to hire Krugman, and now Newsweek has him on the cover as part of the President’s “loyal opposition.” Media Matters has wisely asked why the mainstream press ignored Krugman when he criticized George Bush, but a more basic issue needs to be raised about his attacks on the current Administration. The truth is, the guy never liked Obama to begin with. Krugman was a Hillary supporter in the primaries who repeatedly lashed out at Obama for his health care plan – only to then accuse Obama of being a Clintonite in the general for “betraying” the left. Do his new critiques of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner have any salience, and is it time to conclude that our President has “sold out” to Wall Street? Hard to tell, because so much of what the media reports on AIG turns out to be wrong. I’m willing to question the direction that Barack Obama is taking us, but I don’t trust Paul Krugman’s criticism.

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