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by on January 30, 2012

To the Editor:

We have been anxiously awaiting the return of our favorite restaurant in San Francisco. How many times have we sat on stools and been entertained by the waiters and cooks as they bantered and cussed at each other as we observed as every guest’s food was prepared. We were married in 1967 and for many years Polo’s was “our place,” until someone took it over and “improved” it to death. We simply moved ourselves a few blocks to Original Joe’s, which was almost identical in every way. When it burned, we grieved, but watched and waited as a reopening had been promised publicly by the Duggans. Yippee!

Shelley Griffin
Martinez, CA

To the Editor:

It is no longer “Original” Joe’s. I will not be hoofing it to North Beach, as often as I did to Taylor Street!

Terrrie Frye
Tenderloin Resident
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Interesting comment by supporter of Ranked Choice Voting; I am sorry I was unaware of the hearing. I would have loved to been able to speak out against RCV. What the supporters stated, especially from Steve Hill, is just not accurate. What do voters want from their voting system? RCV does not do what its supporters state; I know Judy Cox and she is wrong.

RCV is really nothing more than a plurality system; if so, why not just go to a plurality counting method and forget RCV. RCV is more expensive than plurality and so communities that use RCV can save money by just going to plurality process. If voters want a majority winner, than runoff is only way to achieve this end. Bottom line is RCV is confusing, does not result in majority winner and is too expensive to use. Get real folks. END RCV NOW!

Tony Santos
San Leandro, CA

To the Editor:

I disagree. Coverage on the Mirkarimi case has not been excessive. It has lacked depth and critical analysis and reads more like gossip. This is probably because the case is still unraveling. Domestic violence is a social problem just as serious as racism and homophobia. Please do not minimize violence against women.

As a child survivor of domestic violence I watched cops coming to my house and letting my father off the hook with a pat on the shoulder. Meanwhile my morher’s injuries were ignored. These cops wee biased. Statistically police officers have a higher rate of domestic violence in their personal relationships that any other profession.

We cannot as a community or a society allow a perpetrator of domestic violence act as a sheriff! That would be like allowing a rapist to oversee rape cases.

Nsomeka Gomes
San Francisco

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