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by on February 28, 2011

To the Editor:

As each passing day of the current President’s term moves forward, I become more and more disheartened at his lack of leadership. He should have jumped on the message that denying peoples rights and destroying the middle class is a violation of our basic rights as Americans. Have some BALLS, damn it!

Bret Emmel
La Crosse, WI

To the Editor:

I am astonished at the imbecility of “progressives.” Obama is a sock puppet of the Right, and has been for years. The Black Commentator noted before he ran for office that he was a close friend of Joe Lieberman, who mentored him in the Senate. Imbecility relies on sock puppets and images, not tough as nails activism. Obama will do what he is told and nothing else.

And by the way, bipartisanship means giving the Republicans anything they want, while half-heartedly pretending to have an agenda. The Democrats in my opinion are useless. They support the Patriot Act, endorse two wars, will not investigate the Bush criminal junta, support the Goldman Sachs vampire, and refuse to investigate the treason of September 11, 2001. Why is it only Republicans are the ones who stand up for something and fight for it even if they have to destroy governance to do it? The answer is blowing in the wind. Along with the DU.

Charles Stegiel
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Thanks for reporting on the UN Commission on the Status of Women. I am very interested in reading about the upcoming events this week! I am Eszter from Hungary, Gender Studies MA-student. I am writing a post about the launch of UN Women, and would like to link your blog in it. I hope it is not a problem.

Eszter Szilva
Budapest, Hungary

To the Editor:

Re: “The 1960’s Underground Newspapers” (BeyondChron, February 24, 2011), we should also remember I.F. Stone.

Early in his journalistic career, Stone, while a supporter of the creation of the state of Israel, advocated for the peaceful, bilateral relations between Palestinians and Jews. Later on, Stone increasingly spoke out on the plight of Palestinians in the Middle East.

I.F. Stone founded “I.F. Stone’s Weekly,” and worked on it with his wife. I.F. Stone was the only American journalist who questioned President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s “Tonkin Gulf Resolution” during the Vietnam War. “I.F. Stone’ Weekly” served not only as the best of investigative journalism, it was the lone and courageous voice of conscience.

“I.F. Stone’s Weekly” throughout the Vietnam War period was the journalistic antithesis of the “embedded (American) reporters” which marched step in step with and glorified the U.S.’ invasion of Iraq during and following George W. Bush’s “Shock and Awe” military decimation of a sovereign nation and its people.

Where is I.F. Stone when we need him more than ever today?


Anh Le
San Francisco

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