‘New Troubles at Planning’

by on May 25, 2004

Dear Mr Shaw,

Thank you for your insightful article about the
Planning Department not spending money properly.
While the Beaver/Ward reference may be a little
old fashioned it rings incredibly true.

The way the City spends money is very poor in
this case and many others. I am not sure if we
can call it the gravy train, pigs at the trough,
spending like a drunken sailor or what. The
various departments DO NOT deserve to grow.
They serve themselves first and cost way too much.

We don’t get much for our money and have let
the bureaucrats create a hypocritical charity
system where highly paid city workers (the cash
recipients) think they earn their money while
they step over the homeless (the ones who really
need it).

I hope your criticisms put a touch of reality
into the system. It sure could use it. Make em
stick to a budget or go to their room. No more
double dipping into their allowance.

Kevin Wallace

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