Mexico Election Update

by Randy Shaw on July 28, 2006

With American media coverage of the disputed Mexican election now virtually nonexistent, many may not be aware of these recent developments: a columnist or the centrist newspaper, El Universal, argued for the possible annulment of the elections; Jorge Ramos, lead anchor for Univision Network News, has asked for a recount of the votes; it was revealed that three organizations spent 200 million pesos, or 33% of the total spending limit, on behalf of the conservative Calderon despite Mexican law prohibitions on third-parties buying political ads against candidates. Lopez-Obrador’s campaign filed complaints with election authorities while these illegal ads were airing, but no action was taken. Calderon backers are also increasing efforts to shift the focus away from these electoral violations and toward criticizing Lopez-Obrador’s “stubborn” and “unreasonable” refusal to accept the questionable outcome.

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