by Larry Gross on September 29, 2016

Coalition for Economic Survival members facing landlord attempts to coerce them out of their affordable rent controlled units showed up at LA City Hall on September 21 seeking City Council action to better protect them. After telling their stories in testimony the LA City Council voted to protect LA renters from unscrupulous landlords attempting to get tenant to move through shady “cash for keys” deals. Thanks to LA City Council Member and Housing Committee Chair Gil Cedillo and LA Housing + Community Investment Department for helping to develop the plan and guide it to approval.

The new law will:

  • Require that landlords provide tenants with a written disclosure notice of the tenant’s rights under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) with regard to eviction and relocation assistance, including contact information for the Housing and Community Investment Department
  • (HCIDLA) landlord/tenant hotline.
  • Allow tenants to rescind buyout agreements for any reason for up to 30 days after the agreements are fully executed.
  • Further provide that agreements that do not satisfy the stipulated requirements may be rescinded by the tenant at any time.
  • Require that landlords file copies of all buyout agreements with HCIDLA.
  • Provide tenants with an affirmative defense to an unlawful detainer and a civil remedy for actual damages and civil penalties against landlords who fail to comply with the buyout agreement regulations.

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