Jerry Brown Vetoes UFW Bill; Hotel Frank Workers; Even More on Ramon Cortines …

by on June 30, 2011

To the Editor:

Well congratulations, Jerry Brown, for show you have a back bone. Collecting voter cards only and not going through the actual voting system is bending to the union thugs. Mr. Governor, you seem to be getting it. Not much, but it’s a good start. Remember, “We The People” are watching you … Your job can be very simple … Just listen and follow the will of the people of California. And in the meantime, try to get those other folks in Sacramento to do the same. All of you are sent to Sacramento for one purpose only and that purpose to listen to the people and follow through accordingly. Their personal agenda should stay in the hip pocket.

Leonard Vinci
Alamo, CA

To the Editor:

I salute the workers at Hotel Frank for their continuing fight against their union-busting employer. Their fight indeed is also the fight of every single unionized workers in America; therefore I urge all union members affiliated with the San Francisco Central Labor Council to morally, financially and spiritually support them. Pay a visit at the hotel site and be in solidarity with these courageous workers. Victory will come!

Andres Bonifacio
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I’m glad your providing Ramon Cortines a background that was not provided on the show. But I think we got to remember that it was on a TV show, and an enemy or opposition is always needed and that is the Mr. Cortines happened to fall into for Jamie. I agree that Jamie Oliver could have done a better job building relationships, but I dont think Jamie should be ashamed of himself, he knows what he is fighting for and gives it 100% and I think that is admirable and provides an insight to a social movement.

Cesar Joseph
Los Angeles

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