“Infinite Collapse ” Opens at DA ARTS

by Wilma Parker on May 1, 2006

DA Arts at the Sunnyside Hotel, corner of sixth and Minna hosts it’s opening show May 4 thru June 9th. The gallery is located in the District Attorneys old Cop-in-the-Box and is a drive-by, or more precisely, a walk by and stop.

This is a district first and has been brought about to take advantage of the small, almost Victorian space and its well-proportioned display windows.

The Sunnyside, built shortly after the’06 quake, still boasts, under a layer of protective grime, an original and dazzling terrazzo entry floor. This, despite its location in the gritty heart of what was until recently the grittiest street in the city. Walk on the wild side. Street life abounds. The DA’s former clients have no trouble switching to art and easily respond to an SFMOMA approach. They know very well “what’s happening here” and ” what makes you say that”.

Despite lack of an opening, crowds have gathered to have a peek, and what they see is Infinite Collapse, a painstaking installation in the fresh and unlikely medium of construction paper. Leslie Kulesh, 24, new genre student at the prestigious Art Institute of San Francisco has already shown work at On Sixth, the Luggage Store Gallery, and Red Ink Studios. In creating Infinite Collapse , Leslie worked with able colleague Sarah Soster, a biological astronomy student at City College.

This installation, while abstract and on many levels of possibility, starts where a live star collapses. In effect, the use of construction paper, with it’s notorious fading qualities, will insure that the work will quickly fade to nothing in the brilliant glare of our very real Sun, filtered as through a prism by the windows of the very very sunny Sunnyside.

Leslie reminds us that this is not a real star collapse, and that she is obviously not trying to create any such real event in this room. Shame on you literal minded critics! She also notes that children’s construction paper has a life and associations of its own and these, by default, become a part of the piece.

For some New Orleans residents on Sixth it speaks to their recent tragedy. Some see a healing in the bright children’s paper. Others see, Phoenix like, something more animate arising from the ruins.

DA Arts is delighted to have a young artist of this caliber for the opening show and looks forward to seeing more of her installations in future. The gallery is dedicated to featuring local artists speaking to the local scene, in this most unique showcase in the heart of the City, in the heart SOMA.

Stop by in May to enjoy the new palm and banners, have another look at the nearby outdoor installation Exodus at the Hugo Hotel, and finish with a bite to eat at inimitable Tu Lan. Paris on Sixth.

Wilma Parker, SOMA critic at large

(Ed note: Submissions of art to be considered for future shows at DA ARTS should be sent to randy@thclinic.org)

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