“Hotel Strike, Milk Club…”

by on August 31, 2006


Regardng Casey Mills’ news short entitled “Milk Club Votes No Endorsement in District 8”, I’d like to point out a minor inaccuracy. In the nuance of the club endorsement process “No Endorsement” is an actual position that a club can take. The Milk Club’s failure to reach the 60% threshold for any of the options– Alix, Bevan, No endorsement– means that the club actually has no position in the District 8 Supervisor’s race. Insider baseball, I know. Given the personal and intense lobbying of the SF Democratic Party Chair, the fact that Alix placed first with 41% of the Vote, No Endorsement came in second w/ 35% and Bevan placed last with 24%, is a real coup for the Rosenthal Campaign.

Personally, as one who considers Milk my home club, I am very gratified with the support for Alix evidenced by the vote. What does all this mean? As Abby Bartlett said to Jed: “Game on, boyfriend!” We’ve got a real campaign in District 8.

Rick Galbreath


The only thing that is going to save American labor is adopting German style, sector wide-labor agreements: ending the march to the bottom; eliminating the use of (contractless) scabs and — a new angle — possibly cushioning the use of illegals because all hires may have to come through the union. Very theoretical at this point; but this is the only place we have to go.

Denis Drew

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