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by on January 27, 2015

Subject: Why Disruption Strategy Has Worked

While there is a search for strategies among the common people to bring about justice, there is a counter strategy wherein a different set of common people are being used to create a different kind of ‘justice’ using deeper, less monitored policing.

In a number of cities, e.g. Atlanta, Philadelphia, Seattle, off-duty police are being used to police neighborhoods that can produce the requisite amount of money.

In Seattle, Seattle Security Incorporated is the business that is organizing the off-duty police whom the Seattle Police Department is providing with uniforms, weapons and communications devices. These employees of Seattle Security Incorporated are told they must use their own cars instead of police cars. Their stated objective is to patrol the neighborhoods that pay them. A neighbor can begin the service to a defined area, by going online to neighborhood groups already in existence, and suggesting the use of the service that makes people safe from “criminals” , and requesting those interested volunteer to provide $250 per year. It is presented as a project that requires a certain base amount from enough neighbors and then the patrolling service determines a schedule dependent upon research they have obtained for high crime times. The service uses a selling point concerning 911 response, saying that because they employ off-duty police, a 911 call is expected to obtain a better response than if security guards are employed, for instance, who have no police experience.

The obvious is occurring. Higher income neighborhoods are the first to be solicited and to buy into the service. Very little information is given out about particulars online to the neighbors being solicited. This is privatization of police.

There is more on the internet.


In struggle,

Carol Isaac


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