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by on October 30, 2014

Subject: Can Leno Defeat Lee?


Hi Randy,

You being a knowledgeable insider, I certainly have great respect for your views on what Mayor Lee as accomplished. But regarding your comment:

“Mayor Lee has an unprecedented record on job creation and reducing unemployment. He has passed an Affordable Housing Trust Fund, prioritized the revitalizing of public housing, and done more than any local mayor ever in California to reform the state Ellis Act. His overall record of accomplishment would seem to make any potential political challenge pure folly.”

Those were important accomplishments but from an observers point of view they seemed like acts that were consistent with acceptable concessions made by Willie Brown and the moderate land barons and power brokers to neuter the power of the left in SF. I haven’t see anything, again as an outsider, that seemed like something the mayor attempted, at any political risk, to make things easier for average, long term SF citizens (not that he necessarily has any obligation to do that, but…). There are important issues like public power for which he has no rational position and in that case it’s clear that he is simply beholding to PG&E. From my point of view it would be nice to see an SF mayor that, whether I agreed with all of their positions or not, at least seemed to pick a battle or two with the power brokers that they felt they had some chance of winning. Maybe that’s Leno.


Karl Young


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