DEA Raids Local Pot Club

by Renee Zalles on December 21, 2005

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raided the home of local pot-club owners Catherine and Steve Smith yesterday under the pretense of an anonymous tip it received two years ago. Although the DEA had a warrant for its investigation of the Smiths’ home, it was not able to attain one for the couple’s pot-club, the Hopenet Co-Op. Despite this, officials showed up at the club, located at 223 Ninth Street with the intention of going inside. According to Boris Delepine, aide to Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, members of the club prevented the DEA from entering. As word spread, more people came to defend the use of medical marijuana in front of the club. The DEA remained outside of the club for two hours before it left. The use of medical marijuana was legalized in 1996, but that does not prevent the federal government from prosecuting its use. When asked why he thought the DEA wanted to get into the Hopenet Co-Op, Bill Barnes said, “it’s the Bush administration, what can I tell you?”

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