Corporate Media Attacks Jon Stewart

by Paul Hogarth on March 18, 2009

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show can speak truth to power in front of a wide audience – because he’s a comedian. A more serious pundit of his stripe would have been marginalized long ago as “too liberal,” relegated to an alternative publication no one reads. But every once in a while, the corporate media finds him threatening – and Stewart’s recent interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer clearly struck a nerve. In yesterday’s Washington Post, columnist Richard Cohen accused Stewart of being too rough on Cramer – because (apparently) no one could have anticipated the financial meltdown. Cohen’s column, which even described Stewart as Cramer’s “captor,” reminded me about how the media flipped out in May 2006 – after Stewart’s colleague at Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert, brilliantly roasted George Bush at a White House dinner. Cohen himself wrote a column at the time, calling Colbert a “bully” for making America’s Worst President sit through 20 minutes of devastating satire. The media let Bush lie his way into Iraq, and then allowed the barons of AIG and Bear Stearns rob the life savings of middle America. And when a funnyman comes along to call them out, they get angry and defensive …

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