Letters to the Editor

Quiet Censorship

Posted August 18, 2004

(Editors note: Gray Brechin wrote this letter after the Berkeley Daily Planet reprinted Sarah Norr’s Beyond Chron story “McCarthyism at the Chronicle.” We thought it would interest our readers and is reprinted below) Editors, Daily Planet:Thank you for publishing Sarah
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The gang that can’t shoot straight

Posted August 13, 2004

Editor,So it now appears that the uninformed crew trying to recall Supervisor Sophie Maxwell not only can’t get its facts straight but now this bunch of self styled “progressives” gives Mayor Gavin Newsom an opportunity to appoint another ally to
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Split among Greens Threatens Party’s Future

Posted August 12, 2004

Dear Editor,I must take issue with some statements presented in your article,”Split among Greens Threatens Party’s Future”. It is true that a committment to process has been a strong hallmark ofthe Green Party. Unfortunately, that process had flaws which are
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Current Poll

Posted August 3, 2004

Your current poll asks, “Should journalists be allowed to give political donations and participate in civic affairs?” And the choices are “Yes,” “No” and “Rules should be same for reporters & media owners.”Would the issue were that simple; alas, there’s
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McCarthyism at the Chron

Posted August 2, 2004

As a journalist for the last 14 years, I agree completely that professionalism is MIA at the Chronicle. So it’s frustrating to see a critique of the paper that dismisses journalistic ethics, rather than using them to hold the paper
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‘Protest Works – But Not on Google’

Posted July 5, 2004

Did author Robert Anbian ever consider that Google’srefusal to run his political ad against Bush might be agood thing? I read his tirade against Google in which hecomplains that Google is keeping a huge new mediaoutlet off limits for political
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Clintons and the Left

Posted July 1, 2004

While one could reasonably argue that the Clintons are to the left of George Bush, it is unreasonable to argue that this makes them leftists.The Clinton legacy includes hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi children caused by U.S.-driven “sanctions,” a
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‘Lisa Feldstein Responds’

Posted June 24, 2004

To the Editor:Thanks for your fine article profiling my campaign for District 5 supervisor based on a progressive platform of support for affordable housing, preventing homelessness, and breaking the cycle of violence in our communities.I’m also grateful for reader Paul
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