Letters to the Editor

‘Nader Creating Rifts in Green Party’

Posted October 13, 2004

Dear Editor,The article “Nader Creating Rifts in Green Party” left me, in thewordsof your reporter, “scratching my head”. First off, Nader’s rally at SF State occurred in the afternoon, and not in the evening. Nader appeared before a crowd at
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‘D5 Debate Heats Up’

Posted October 1, 2004

To the editor,Yesterday, my fellow candidates, Frances Somsel, Andrew Sullivan, Nick Waugh, Jim Siegel, Ross Mirkarimi, and Tys Sniffen came out in opposition to Proposition K, the gross receipts tax.I strongly encourage you to rethink your opposition to Proposition K.
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‘Tales of Public Hypocrisy’

Posted September 29, 2004

Good Article! Dean Preston’s Tales of Hypocrisy reveals what looks to me like malfeasance (wrongdoing or misconduct especially by a public official ) An officer of the court and charged with doing the very task he is avoiding. Who better
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‘Dame Edna’-Response

Posted September 15, 2004

Dear Mr. Lewis: First of all thank you for your letter and thecompliment that you found the Dame Edna article entertaining at first. Your complaint about the strange digression from the task at hand regarding MTT– ” was unnecessary in
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“Dame Edna”

Posted September 13, 2004

Buzzin Lee Hartgrave’s review of Dame Edna was entertaining until its strange digression from the task at hand. Hartgrave’s personal reference to MTT, “When Tilson was spotted in the audience * I mentioned to a critic behind me that he
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‘Phil Bronstein’

Posted September 10, 2004

Dear Randy,Phil Bronstein’s Editorial in the 9/8 Chronicle is one of the mostputrid, vile, and irresponsible compilation of words inflicted onreaders since the 9/7 edition. But this particular editorial, anattempt by Bronstein to pass as journalism, is especially nauseous because
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‘Michael C. Ruppert’

Posted September 7, 2004

Dear Editor:I wish to call attention to a speech delivered in San Francisco last Tuesday, August 31. Michael C. Ruppert’s message is seismic: a 10 on the Richter Scale of investigative truth telling.Why do I mention this? I mention it
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Posted September 1, 2004

Dear Editor,How dare the Rebuplican National Conventionuse a salute to the armed forces as their theme when THERE ARE SO MANY HOMELESS VETERANS IN OUR STREETS TODAY?How twisted is the logic of Congresswoman Heather Wilson of New Mexico when she
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