Human Chess Game At Dolores Park

Posted May 12, 2004 by E. "Doc" Smith

Residents of San Francisco’s Mission district witnessed a first for Bay Area chess…a Human Chess game by the Williamsburg NY Chess Club and Go Club for Wayward Men and Ladies. The exhibition match featured local Estonian expert Liina Vark and
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Tea Time

Posted May 12, 2004 by Michelle Tea

This afternoon I ate a falafel with my friend David West, who just happens to be one of the city’s great unsung poets. A prolific writer of not just poetry but novels, essays and memoir, David also has a hefty
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Where’s the Money? Part 1

Posted May 11, 2004 by Marc Norton

As Mayor Gavin Newsom prepares to deliver his first budget to the Board of Supervisors, facing an unprecedented $300 million deficit, he has pledged not to “ask for one penny” from any increased or new business taxes (SF Business Times,
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