Cohan sends Warriors back to Square One (Again)

Posted May 24, 2004 by Earl Brown

Eric Musselman’s meteoric rise as head coach of the Golden State Warriors came to a quiet and inauspicious end last week when he was fired by incoming vice president of basket ball operations Chris Mullin and owner Chris Cohan. Just
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Postal Service won’t deliver to SRO mailboxes

Posted May 24, 2004 by Lorraine Sanders

Remember that old children’s song, “The Mail Must Go Through”? It makes mail delivery sound like one of life’s few constants. Through rain or sleet or snow, the mail must go through. Unless, of course, you happen to live in
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Rudy Colombini’s Music City

Posted May 24, 2004 by E. "Doc" Smith

Back in 1980, I rehearsed in a really funky space on New York City’s 8th Avenue, only a few blocks away from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Aptly called the “Music Building”, this 12-story facility was home to many of
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Assembly Dems Bash Education Cuts

Posted May 22, 2004 by David Cohn

There was a public hearing in Berkeley Friday hosted by State Assembly members discussed the future role of California’s higher education in light of possible budget cuts. Over 40 years ago Clark Kerr reshaped higher education in California. His “master
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Letter To Senator Kerry

Posted May 22, 2004 by Gino Rembetes

I have a deep admiration for The folks who run the Web-based organization know how to motivate people, and they’re doing it for lots of progressive causes, not the least being to depose the Bush team this November. In
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Peskin: Absolutely No to Treasurer Job

Posted May 22, 2004 by Randy Shaw

Supervisor Aaron Peskin has told Beyond Chron that he is absolutely not interested in the Treasurer’s post recently vacated by Susan Leal. Items in other media claiming that Peskin is still considering the position simply have no basis in fact.
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Southern Baptist Sissies

Posted May 22, 2004 by "Buzzin" Lee Hartgrave

Explores the life of four choirboys They totally destroy Bush, Cheney and Orin Hatch. One of the actors dared to say it: “That old Queen Orin Hatch”. It’s in the play with other political jabs. Now, how much more delicious
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