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Greens Vote Against Early Endorsement

Posted May 20, 2004 by Casey Mills

The San Francisco Green Party voted last night to eschew an early endorsement of any candidate for Board of Supervisors representative for District 5. The decision came on the heels of an early endorsement forum held Tuesday to grant party
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Why the Mayor’s Housing Bond is Unacceptable

Posted May 20, 2004 by Sister Bernie Galvin

The Mayor’s proposed $185 million housing bond is unacceptable to many of us. Here is why: Mayor Newsom’s original proposal of $150 million for supportive housing was one to which those of us who work with homeless people and/or on
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Distractions Says No to Bush and War

Posted May 20, 2004 by E. "Doc" Smith

Distractions, a store in the city’s Haight-Ashbury district, recently turned its front window into a powerful statement on President Bush and the Iraq War with a display of protest t-shirts – one of which got a passenger ejected from an
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USA Hostels picks up another SRO

USA Hostels picks up another SRO

Posted May 19, 2004 by Randy Shaw

Last week, Beyond Chron reported that USA Hostels had purchased the Amsterdam Hotel at 749 Taylor Street. We have now confirmed that the company has leased the Glenwood Hotel at 717 Sutter. This is the second residential hotel taken over
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Anger at SF State over Schwarznegger Budget

Posted May 19, 2004 by Jessica Jones

“The California budget deficit of nearly 15 billion should not fall onto the backs of the State Universities, UC system, and community colleges,” argue members of the San Francisco State University’s Labors Militant. “While the budget cuts force Universities to
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Still Separate and UnEqual

Posted May 18, 2004 by tiny/PoorNewsNetwork/POOR Magazine

The People Fast for Equal Equity in Education“Arnold (Schwarzenegger) couldn’t take any time out of his busy schedule to meet with any of the students, elders or children, even though he already knew that we were coming many months ahead
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