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Mayor Postpones Hearing on Transfer of DBI Funds

Posted May 26, 2004 by Jeremy Elprin

At the request of the Mayor’s office, the Board of Supervisors Finance Committee will wait at least another two weeks before considering the siphoning of over a million dollars from the Department of Building Inspection to help rescue the city’s
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Confusion Surrounds Homeownership Debate

Confusion Surrounds Homeownership Debate

Posted May 26, 2004 by Randy Shaw

Mayor Newsom’s proposed housing bond would have the public subsidize homeownership opportunities for families earning as much as $99,000 a year. But according to experts in the city’s real estate market, households earning $90,000 have little difficulty buying a home
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The City’s Best Commissioner? It might be Roy Guinnane

Posted May 25, 2004 by Jeremy Elprin

Money-squandering bureaucrats and corrupt politicians, beware: Roy Guinnane is one watchdog who’s not afraid to snarl and flash his teeth. And, when provoked, he doesn’t hesitate to bite with the strength of a prizefighting Pit Bull. Guinnane is one of
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Welfare Deform

Posted May 24, 2004 by tiny/PoorNewsNetwork/POOR Magazine

How much more can you take from someone who has nothing? Poor families address the legislators on the state of welfare and the budget cuts in 2004. “Since Bush has been in office I have had to work 50-60 hours
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Assembly Dems Bash Education Cuts

Posted May 22, 2004 by David Cohn

There was a public hearing in Berkeley Friday hosted by State Assembly members discussed the future role of California’s higher education in light of possible budget cuts. Over 40 years ago Clark Kerr reshaped higher education in California. His “master
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Legendary Jazz Haven Wins Liquor License

Posted May 21, 2004 by Jeremy Elprin

Finally, cocktails, jazz and Ethiopian food have a safe home in the Divisadero. After a four-year fight to serve late-night beverages other than beer and wine at Club Waziema, owner Giday Beshue, backed by a stream of support from local
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Why the Mayor’s Housing Bond is Unacceptable

Posted May 20, 2004 by Sister Bernie Galvin

The Mayor’s proposed $185 million housing bond is unacceptable to many of us. Here is why: Mayor Newsom’s original proposal of $150 million for supportive housing was one to which those of us who work with homeless people and/or on
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Distractions Says No to Bush and War

Posted May 20, 2004 by E. "Doc" Smith

Distractions, a store in the city’s Haight-Ashbury district, recently turned its front window into a powerful statement on President Bush and the Iraq War with a display of protest t-shirts – one of which got a passenger ejected from an
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