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Scott Amendola’s ‘Believe’

Posted October 14, 2005 by E. "Doc" Smith

Still a relatively new transplant to the Bay Area, my earliest introduction to the renown SF drummer Scott Amendola, came via his work with women of Charming Hostess. Since then, I have seen his exceptional work with the prodigious guitarist
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Richard Roll’s ‘Down Dog’

Posted September 30, 2005 by E. "Doc" Smith

Director Richard Roll’s “Down Dog” is both a satire and celebration of the recent explosion of Los Angeles “yoga culture” and the proliferation of ersatz “gurus” capitalizing on the zeitgeist of the times – the West’s current fascination with the
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The Druid Sisters Tea Party

Posted September 16, 2005 by E. "Doc" Smith

The Druid Sisters Tea Party has been called a “rollicking light-hearted all-girl groove Celtic-funk dance band with tons of fun in mind.” Drummer-percussionist Claudia Paige, started the project with the idea of mixing African and tribal beats with Celtic fiddle
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From Fringe To New Openings

Posted September 16, 2005 by "Buzzin" Lee Hartgrave

A FRINGE FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHT is Moe Bertran’s “Love Scenes”. It’s a surprising look into the lives of people that you have probably met along the path of life. The amazing thing about Bertran is that he is able to flesh
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Cafe Extra

Posted August 26, 2005 by "Buzzin" Lee Hartgrave

Sitting at Table One near the window were two aspiring actors, sipping a Latte. They were very excited about this news. Award Winning Bay Area Director, Rob Nilsson is about to make another independent Feature Film called “Go Together”. Nilsson
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