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Flicker Bit: The Dying Gaul at Opera Plaza

Posted December 16, 2005 by "Buzzin" Lee Hartgrave

Here is a story of manipulation, revenge, over-sexed men – especially the men who have-it-all – but never enough. It is all of those things and more. There is betrayal, hurt and sadness beyond belief. Patricia Clarkson is brilliant as
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Christmas Carol/Into the Woods

Posted December 9, 2005 by "Buzzin" Lee Hartgrave

THIS IS NOT YOUR GRANDMOTHER’S CHRISTMAS CAROL AT A.C.T., but it will definitely put you into the Xmas spirit. You won’t see the usual traditional “Carol” on the A.C.T. stage. This production is a mix of “The Overcoat”, “Alice in
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Hopper Collection/After Dark/Burn

Posted December 2, 2005 by "Buzzin" Lee Hartgrave

THE HOPPER COLLECTION: So, you don’t know who Edward Hopper is? Neither did I. Even though I had a Hopper piece that I inherited– (Elvis, James Dean and Marilyn in a classic 50’s Diner) before I really knew who Hopper
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The ‘Color Purple’ Musical Premieres On Broadway

Posted December 2, 2005 by E. "Doc" Smith

Having safely departed SFO at 7:45 am Thursday, I arrived around 6:00 pm at New York’s Broadway Theatre with little time to spare. Also arriving, fresh from the David Letterman Show up the street, was none other than Oprah Winfrey.
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Berkeley Biodiesel Collective Hosts Aphrodesia at La Pena

Posted November 18, 2005 by E. "Doc" Smith

An 11-piece Afrobeat orchestra direct from San Francisco, Aphrodesia has been filling theaters around the country with their rowdy blend of African rhythms, exotic melodies, slamming percussion and monstrous horns. At once socially charged in the tradition of African greats
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