Aussie Boys Drop the Towel

by Buzzin' Lee Hartgrave on July 30, 2010


At the Rrazz Room before the actual show starts are two large screens on each side of the stage, where the audience can see Australia’s guys (Thunder From Down Under) showing off their buffed bodies as they pose at a professional photo shoot. In the Video, the photographer shows the boys how to drape a towel on their rods (all very tasteful – no frontal nudity). They also pose in shots that show off their tight Abs and their tight you know what. O.K. I’ll give you a hint. The first letter is “B”.

In one interesting scene one of the guys is standing on huge tires on a rugged beach – showing off his buns. There are also photo shots of the boys standing by a waterfall and leaning into the waterfall. Obviously, you know what water can do to a flimsy little brief.

There are more talks with the energetic guys in a Bar Lounge that looks that it probably was Las Vegas. Oh, and the music in the background? Ear splitting!

Now fast forward to the Rrazz Room. The ad advertises hottest dancers in the World. And they are good dancers (red hot) – very much in the tradition of “The Chippendales” and “The Full Monty Dancers” from the movie. Hang on for the Bumps and Grinds!

A handsome blond takes on the duties of introducing each act. He says: “Some very big things are up here on the stage!” I’m sure you know what that means. One by one each astounding dancer gets to do a solo that had the women screaming and scratching at the air – hoping to be able to touch one of them. And – during the course of the evening, there was a lot of touching. The screaming added to the heavy beat (The Walls Were Shaking) was so loud that I had to tear up a paper napkin to plug my eardrums – mostly to protect them. The beat is non-stop.

The M.C. also announced: “No Pix with your camera or mobile fun. Keep it in your pants” – Another of many double meanings that you will hear during the evening. They are fun however and keep the mood light and dare I say – “Fluffed.”

There is also one segment where one of the “Strippers” asks a couple of women to come up on stage and simulate an “Orgasm. The one that gave the best one – wins a prize. The stripper says: “Remember – this has to be ‘fake’.”

The winner got a picture with Thunder. The Loser? We’ll the stripper sez to her: “Let me give you something long and stiff?” – Then he handed her a rolled up Poster of the cast. That got lots of screams. He didn’t lie – it WAS ‘long and stiff.’

Tonight tomorrow night for this is your last chance to see this rambunctious show at the Rrazz Room at the Hotel Nikko (Swank Place) just off the lobby.

JAZZ CONCERT COMING UP AT THE RRAZZ ROOM – Monica Mancini. Yes, she is related to the great Henry Mancini – she is his daughter. Mancini has been in countless films and has made many recordings with such notables as Placido Domingo, Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson. The Concord records star has been honored for a double Grammy-nomination (Concord Records album Ultimate Mancini). She does it all – Jazz, Pop and Soul. Coming this August 4-5, 8pm.
Well – Buzz me right over there!

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Justin Glaser and Liz Shivener in ‘Beauty and The Beast” – Golden Gate. Photo: Joan Marcus


Soon at the Golden Gate Theatre we will be treated again to the Romantic story “Beauty And The Beast” — the smash Broadway hit. It’s time again for that Beautiful Music. It’s love story where only a Beauty could fall for a Beast. But, you know how fairy tales are. He might just turn into a Prince. You never know. Opens Wed., August 18. Note the Early Curtain – 7:30 pm.

Jerry Springer – The Opera opening soon at Victoria Theatre. Courtesy Photo.


It’s getting close to that time. Yep – it going to be the wackiest, funniest evening in a long-long-time thanks to the “Ray Of Light Theater” for getting the rights to this hit musical (Opera). The English went overboard for it. And, you know how difficult it is to get the English to laugh. The British gave the show the following awards: “Olivier Awards, Critic’s Choice, Evening Standard Award, and What’s on Stage award.” You’re gonna love this mix of Culture – Opera and daytime Television. Now that’s a combo that’S bound to keep your Bum warm. Opens Sep. 10 – October 16, 2010 at the Victoria Theatre (16th and Mission) in San Francisco, CA.


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