As Young People Return to Cities, Do They Stay?

by Randy Shaw on February 26, 2014

We hear a lot about twenty-something’s increasingly preferring cities to suburbs. This trend now goes beyond traditional hot spots like San Francisco, New York City and Boston to include cities like Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Baltimore. But once they have kids, do they stay?

A story line has developed in which post college-grads are giving up the suburbs for cities, cars for bicycles, and otherwise reversing the course of United States residential patterns since the post WW2 era. But to young people stay in cities after they have kids? Does the arrival of the creative class in suddenly hot downtown areas impact nearby neighborhoods?

Allan Mallach explores these questions in a provocative essay in Rooflines, published by the National Housing Institute. His “The Millenials Are Marching…But is Anyone Else”? should interest all those concerned with successful urban neighborhoods.

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