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by Buzzin' Lee Hartgrave on August 18, 2006


Boynton Beach is Wisteria Lane for ‘The Old Folk’. The houses are alive with oldsters (Desperate Housewifes and Desperate Widowers). This is a story about a beach town in Florida where the average age is somewhere around 65 or better. As happens in life – some of their spouses have ‘Passed On’ to wherever you think that they have passed on. It’s a nice way of saying that they have died. Some of these men or widows have lost their anchor. They have lived with the same person for more than 30 years and find it very hard to adjust to a life alone. In some ways it’s the ‘Old Folks American Graffiti’. By the way – if you see that quote in an add – a Theater worker asked me on the way out: “What did you think of it Sir”… I said that is was ‘The Old Folks American Graffiti’ – and he said ‘I’ll write that down’. That’s O.K. with me, but just remember where it came from.

Boynton Beach is a real place. It’s one of several retirement communities on the southeast coast of Florida. You’ll see lots of comfort cars like Mercury’s and Chryslers in the driveways. When a spouse dies they look to be comforted at the Boynton Beach bereavement Club where the confused and depressed can talk about their loss and their anger. It also has become the town’s primary dating site. Although there is one guy (Joseph Bologna) who uses the internet for his connection to love only to hook up with a hooker. The unsuspecting suitor was looking for long term – she was looking for a quick roll in the hay for pay with no fore play.

This is a very funny, touching movie. The music from the 50’s and early 60’s will bring back fond memories to many. And it was such fun to see again, great stars like Dyan Cannon (who looks great but terribly thin), Brenda Vaccaro (who almost married Michael Douglas in real life). Now, she is hardly recognizable. She has really ballooned out. Still – she is the most intriguing actress in this pix. There is also the still handsome Joseph Bologna who is so funny and still deserves a second look when he walks down the street. Michael Nouri plays the younger guy who meets Dyan Cannon and falls in love with her. Even though she later tells him. “I lied to you. I’m not 58 – I’m 52”. It was worth a laugh.

Sally Kellerman is still “Hot” and has an affair with Len Cariou (Jack) who has just lost his wife about three months ago. Viagra comes to the rescue in this case.

No one wants to grow old – and why should they. The message in this delightful movie is that you are only as old as you think you are. However, thinking that you are still eighteen would be pushing it a bit.

I really feel that you’ll have fun at this ‘not so secret clubhouse’. Take your Mom and Dad – it’ll make them feel young again. Boynton Beach is fresh, creative and imaginative. Loved it! Now playing at the Embarcadero Theaters.



Pictured: Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens. Photo by Trish Tunney.

Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle expand the meaning of ‘performance art’. Sprinkle starts out by telling us that this is a brand new experiment. Stephens and Sprinkle become the art. “We’re going to just talk about ourselves” – the sultry Sprinkle, who resembles stripper Tempest Storm, says.

Since this is revolving art and according to the artists on the stage it will go through revolutions, it is not always going to be the same. They more or less make up the show as they go along. That’s not to say that it has big gaps in the dialogue or anything – but don’t expect a tight, fully scripted show. And that is what the charm is. You just don’t know what to expect next. Here is one thing that I can guarantee you. Just when you thought that you have seen everything – suddenly you find out that you haven’t. Yep, there is nudity in this show – erotic at times and very clinically interesting at other times. I felt like the little guy on “Laugh In” that used to look through the palms and say “very interesting!”

Like Andy Warhol’s work – this is moving art. Sex is art, bodies are art, Love is art and even Cancer becomes art. You can’t hang this art on the wall, but it will stay with you for quite some time. You might even think to yourself “What in the hell did I just see?” And the answer would be is that you just saw an amazing talented evening of Love. It kinda wafts over the stage – and before you know it, you’re caught up in it. You can’t avoid it – it’s too overwhelming.

In addition to Stephens & Sprinkle – the following performance artists with their considerable talent, make this a bright and breezy evening. They are Tina Takemoto, Maya Orli Cohen, Dylan Vade, and Kaytea Petro. You’ll feel good about the world when you leave. And that is quite an accomplishment.
Info about ‘TheArtLab’:…



Well, yes and no. Talk IS Cheap and dreams ARE priceless, but are the dreams worth being insulted and downgraded by a Drama Teacher – who thinks that no one knows anything about acting – except him?

This one-man play is about what a classroom was like under the direction of Sanford Meisner. Don’t know who that is? Don’t fret. Most people will not recognize the name – and that is one of the problems with this One Man show by Jim Jarrett. In the class Room, as depicted by Jarrett, Meisner delights in putting down Hollywood. Why, I don’t know. Several of the Hollywood actors during his long reign as a teacher went from the stage to Hollywood. This play is apparently based on actual things that were said in the Classroom to aspiring actors. One gets the impression that Meisner was bitter because no one offered him a movie role.

It is true that some big name actors came out of Meisner’s workshop, but ironically they also ended up making movies in the ‘hated’ Hollywood.

Jarrett is a good actor – and I enjoyed watching him. He was really into the part and since he was an actual student of Meisner’s, I’m sure that he knows what he is talking about. The biggest problem with “Talk” is that only actors will know whom he is talking about. And, unless they are interested in becoming actors, they may become bored with the rantings of a bitter teacher – who likes to ‘dump’ on his students. Not exactly an ego building experience for the students. Meisner’s message is that acting is sacred and that it is a dream that must be cherished forever. Never give into frivolous stuff like Hollywood Movies – which in Meisner’s view is not good acting. I disagree.



A Chorus Line cast fights Aids.

I’m thrilled again. Yep – this time I’m thrilled and excited to see the combined cast of “A Chorus Line” and “Light in the Piazza” on the stage of Club Fugazi in a special show in a benefit for Broadway Cares, Equity fights Aids and REAF. The thought of all this talent on one stage is enough to get anyone excited. I’ve seen both shows and there sure are a lot of super voices in both casts. Just think of it – it’ll be a great breezy, tuneful evening with song and dance. It’s definitely worth leaving home for. And the intimate setting of Club Fugazi gives you a great close-up of the wonderful stars that will be performing. This will be one of those once in a lifetime evenings that you can tell people about what they missed. You can bet that it will be a surefire crowd-pleaser and the talk of the town. And you get two things. You help fight Aids – and you get to see a sensational show performed by top-notch actors from two of San Francisco’s biggest hits. Write down the date. August 21 (Monday, 7:30 pm) Tickets are going fast – so now is the time to pick up that 1940’s telephone and dial 415-421-4222.

Just when I thought that I was all thrilled out, along comes this. Huey Lewis is going to ‘Razzle Dazzle, ‘em! in the musical Chicago. It opens at the Orpheum Theater on Oct. 25, but Tix will start selling on Sept. 10th. Chicago, of course features the music of the winning composers John Kander and Fred Ebb. The Choreography is by Ann Reinking.

Lewis is a famous singer, musician and even received a Golden Globe for the movie ‘Shortcuts’ (1993). And there were other movies, T.V roles and he played the role of Billy Flynn in ‘Chicago’ on Broadway, prior to this national tour. This is a Best of Broadway offering brought to the City by SHN. Now, you’ve got the “News” – it’s Huey Lewis who will sizzle on the Orpheum stage.

THIS JUST IN FROM SOUTH AFRICA. Yes, beyond chron gets around.

Henk writes about the review of “Light in the Piazza”. “Over-the-top review, but perhaps it’s warranted. But nowhere can I see whether this is a film or a stage musical. We don’t call cinema a ‘theater’ but I think you do. I don’t know any of the participants’ names. A mystery, but it sounds good! Regards Henk, South Africa.

ANOTHER LEDGER CORRECTION: (This makes over 59).
Tony Stroh writes: you wrote – From Mountain Climbing to a villain, Keith Ledger will be The Joker in the next Batman Flick – that has been titled “The Dark Knight”. Tony says: “OOPS! It’s HEATH.”
…Thanks Tony – keep looking for typos, there will be more I’m sure… and please, do let us know.

VELMA WRITES: “Really liked this article! Gave me more info on ‘Light in the Piazza’. About Russ Lorenson’s Tony Bennett tribute she said: “Tony Bennett seems to go on and on, he is such a welcome singer.”

HOT STUFF OPENING: ‘KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN’ AT NCTC. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with it. I saw one of the first productions of the play at the old Eureka Theater on 16th Street. It was marvelous and soooo sexy. There was also the movie version that was outstanding. A.C.T will start the new season with ‘Travesties’.

Berkeley Rep has a great new season coming up starting with ‘Mother Courage’ by Bertolt Brecht. It’s about religion and war, which certainly shows us that nothing will ever change. It opens on Sept. 13. More war on the New Conservatory stage in “The War At Home”. This new play is about gay marriage and challenging the Southern Baptist Church. Basically, it’s another Religious war. At the Willows Theater in Concord that grand old chestnut “The Odd Couple” (they have a domestic war) — will take over the stage. Don’t they live next to me? Soon at the Magic Theater will be a new comedy written by Sam Shepard. Who won’t want to see that? I’ll be there even if I have to swim the bay to get to the theater.

See that Gangster picture at the end of this column. That’s me. The photo was taken by that sensational, Film Noir Photographer Jim Ferreira. He has also photographed members of the Noir film Club that has free screenings of great old black and white films, usually on Thursday nights (I’m a member). Ferreira not only takes fantastic Noir photos — but will photograph any fantasy you have or Art work. If you’d like to see more go to You’re gonna like what you see. There’s hot Gang Molls and Gangsters galore. Watch out! He might shoot you. As he is wont to say: “Watch Your Back.”

Things I wish I could have seen: Paris Hilton’s face, when she was bitten by her pet Kinkajou. Lou Diamond Philips when he was allegedly arrested on suspicion of domestic violence after a fight with his girlfriend. The look on David Navarro’s face when Carmen Electra filed for divorce a few days ago. It might have been an electric moment.

Go out – Have fun…but don’t get bitten by a Kinkajou!

“It better be good” – Buzzin, Lee Hartgrave
Photo by Jim Ferreira

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