“An Open Letter to Randy Shaw about union bashing and personal attacks”

by on August 31, 2005

Hey Randy,

Just got back into town from a great vacation away from our wonderful and engaging city. Always nice to get back and re-engage with the delightful folks here.

I strongly disagree with your editorial on labor, particularly your
negative impression of SEIU Local 790 and would humbly suggest that before you make comments that you consider attending a meeting or two. I appreciate that since you live in Berkeley is difficult to assess what is happening at SEIU Local 790, but at the last chapter meeting of the School District that I attended, hundreds of rank and file members were itching to strike. It is exciting to see the union activism and would encourage you to come see for yourself.

As for my union’s position on local races, it is my understanding
that the members met last week and endorsed local ballot initiatives and City Treasurer Jose Cisneros. The union has not endorsed in the other races yet.

While I don’t expect you to care about transgender issues and I
won’t personally attack you and call you transphobic if you
don’t. I do think it is fair for me to expect that you should
respect that I do care about transgender issues and not personally attack me for doing so.

Robert Haaland

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