All Star Hotel New Addition to City Leasing Program

by Jeremy Elprin on July 27, 2004

With upgraded communal kitchens and new doors and sinks in every room, the All Star Hotel, a residential hotel on 16th and Folsom streets, will reopen next week after months of refurbishment. When permanent tenants move into the building on Monday, the All Star will mark the latest in a series of new hotels brought online through the city’s leasing program.

People who visited the All Star in the past will be amazed by the improvements, according to Kerry Abbott, Deputy Director of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic (THC). With the addition of the All Star, the clinic brings its total of leased residential hotel units to 1,126.

“From the brand new sitting room to the new granite counters in the kitchens, the hotel is looking great,” Abbott said.

Right now, the All Star has 57 vacant units. All of these units will be available to people who are currently homeless. New tenants and the existing tenants will have access to full time property management and support services on site.

According to Abbott, THC is excited to be increasing the stock of supportive housing in the Mission district. In addition to the All Star, the clinic already leases the Mission Hotel on South Van Ness and the Royan Hotel on Valencia. To better serve these tenants, THC is opening a new Modified Payment Program office at 514 South Van Ness, Abbott said.

Neil Patel, the 19-year-old son of owners Cindy and Andy Patel who was born and raised in the All Star, played a large role in guiding hotel staff throughout the renovation process. After months of work, Patel said he was overjoyed with the end result.

“We’ve renovated this building from A to Z, and we’re very happy with it,” Patel said. “Everything has been redone, everything looks good.”

More than anything, Patel said, the reopening of the All Star represents “a great opportunity for the city to help house the homeless. We’re just happy that we can provide a nice place to live for people who need a home.”

The All Star becomes the tenth residential hotel under lease as part of the city’s modified Care Not Cash program. The city is now responsible for 710 units set aside for housing the homeless, with an additional 148 units nearly ready for lease.

“With everything up and running, we’re all very excited,” Patel said.

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