AB1169 passed – 60 Days Notice for a No Fault Eviction signed by the Governor

by ACORN News on September 29, 2006

(Ed. note: We posted this story on the afternoon of September 29. The San Francisco Chronicle did not report on this landmark tenant victory through Sunday, even excluding it from its laundry list of bills signed and vetoed. In contrast, the Los Angeles Times highlighted the 60-day notice bill on the front-page of its Sunday, October 1 edition)

Today Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 1169, a bill increasing from 30-days to 60-days the amount of time Californias renters will have to move if their landlord issues a no-fault eviction notice. The bill was authored by Assemblymember Alberto Torrico and sponsored by the ACORN, Western Center on Law and Poverty, and advocates from the disabled community and senior groups.

The bill was won after renters advocates staged a multi-year campaign to protect renters from the cycle of problems that occur when families have to move with little time and money. The bill will give relief to families presented with eviction notices through no fault of their own: allowing renters to save more money for move-in costs, to find new housing near their schools and jobs, and allow persons with disabilities and seniors the time to find suitable housing for themselves and their families.

ACORN members worked tirelessly across the state in this years campaign. AB 1169 was ACORNs Number One Housing Priority this year, and throughout the legislative session ACORN chapters organized actions, rallies, and tenant trainings on the implications of the bill.

ACORN members set up face-to-face meetings with Assembly members from San Bernardino, Fresno, San Mateo, San Jose, Oakland, Orange County, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In Sacramento, hundreds of ACORN members in April and May visited the capitol to talk with legislators about the bill and the urgency of the issue. Josefina Castillo, a Los Angeles ACORN member, testified in June to the Housing Committee on the problems her 30-day notice presented for herself and her family. And ACORN members worked hard to convince Los Angeles area legislators who had previously opposed the bill to support this year.

And today, the last day for the Governor to sign the bill, ACORN members drove to Sacramento to show their support. Great work everyone! For more information about this campaign, please contact Tatiana Siegenthaler, Legislative Coordinator for California ACORN at (510) 295-8474 or caacornleg@acorn.org

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