A Sexually Explicit Young Adam

by "Buzzin" Lee Hartgrave on April 23, 2004

A Flicker Bit

The “Young Adam” film is based on the novel by Alexander Trocera – a Scottish writer, who came to America and fled America because he was wanted for selling Heroin to a minor. The cops can stop looking for him – he is now dead.

The film deals with the injustices of the world, especially the court system and how lying prosecutors can make up lies to send someone to their death. Throw in amateurish detective work and the deal is done. The action all takes place along a dreary river in England. There is more to this film than just a message about injustice – it is about sex and the way that real people lust for it. Some, like the main character “Adam”, shacks up with anything that moves. I will qualify that – they have to be women.

Nothing much is left to the imagination Adam (Ewen McGregor) lets his family jewels flop around all over the screen. This is something new for American screens that are usually frightened by the sight of a male body. McGregor changes his character in so many films – making him one of the best film actors of this decade. He was wonderful in Moulin Rouge”, fabulous in “Big Fish” and now he is a sexy stud that pole vaults himself into a big mess of trouble.

At times “Young Adam” gets a little tedious. The relentless music constantly lets you know of impending doom, and the constant humming of the barges engines on the river tend to wear you out. But, then you can always count on a quick roll in the hay between McGregor and the flavor of the day. The action almost crosses the line into “Soft Porn.”

There are many messages in this film beyond this peek at how real people live their lives. I think that the real message here is that life is a perilous journey – and the Justice system cannot be trusted to protect the innocent. At the Lumiere. RATING: THREE BOXES OF POPCORN!!!

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