Wayne Shorter Quartet Comes to SF Jazz

Posted March 28, 2014 by E. "Doc" Smith

“In a legendary career spanning more than half a century, saxophonist Wayne Shorter just keeps getting better and bolder. Indeed, his longevity as a creative force isn’t as astounding as the fact that he’s spent the past decade leading his
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Chevron Provides “Community News” to Richmond

Posted March 27, 2014 by Randy Shaw

As many get their news from local websites like BeyondChron, Chevron has gotten into the act: its Richmond Standard provides “community news” to Richmond…. from the oil company’s perspective. If you come across the website for the Richmond Standard, you’ll
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New Plans for Reviving UN Plaza

Posted March 27, 2014 by Andrew Szeto

Community groups and city officials met Tuesday, March 25th, at UC Hastings for the unveiling of a pilot program aimed at finding new and alternative uses for the United Nations Plaza space. The program, sponsored by San Francisco Beautiful and
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Leno Bill Raising Minimum Wage Clears Labor Committee

Posted March 27, 2014 by Ali Bay

SB 935 Increases Floor Wage in Three Steps, Creates Automatic Adjustments Starting in 2018 SACRAMENTO – Legislation that would help lift California’s low-wage earners out of poverty by raising the state’s minimum wage cleared its first hurdle today, passing the
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Chief Suhr Rejects Plan to Increase Tenderloin Police

Posted March 26, 2014 by Randy Shaw

Soon after taking office in 2012, Sherriff Ross Mirkarimi proposed a new jail transfer practice to increase police officers on Tenderloin streets. But while SFPD Chief Suhr supports the plan for other neighborhoods, he has rejected it for the Tenderloin.
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Keystone XL Gets Electoral

Posted March 26, 2014 by Cole Stangler

Green candidates are cropping up all over the ‘red’ state of Nebraska. In the eyes of political consultants and party operatives, environmentalists in the United States are mostly urbanites who sip espresso and oddballs who dabble in other substances. By
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